GMV Innovating Solutions is a privately owned technological enterprise group with an international presence.  


As clearly shown below, GMV’s activities in the Space market share the same organizational structure, i.e. all support Departments: Quality & Security, Contracts and Technologies and Support. Each subsidiary in turn is coordinated by a specific Country Manager. 

In case of positive acceptance of the project, the below listed tasks will be assigned to the GMV’s Portuguese subsidiary, GMVIS SKYSOFT SA, located in Lisbon, Portugal. The activity will be placed within the Space Segment and Robotics (SPS) BU. More specifically the project will directly depend on the Guidance, Navigation and Control (GNC) Division.

The structure of this subsidiary is showed in the following figure.

Figure 2: GMVPT organigramme

In addition:  

GMV’s Portuguese subsidiary, GMVIS SKYSOFT, S.A. (GMVPT), is located in Lisbon, Portugal. 

GMVPT was established as a private Portuguese company in 1998 focusing on advanced technological solutions for the space market even before Portugal joined the European Space Agency in 2000. The company’s space activities have grown since that date and GMVPT is today the Portuguese leading company in business with ESA. In addition, GMVPT has secured keycontracts in numerous European institutions including EUMETSAT, EMSA (European Mari-time Safety Agency), EDA (European Defence Agency), Eurocontrol and the European Commission. 

GMVPT has a staff count of nearly 100 persons with a solid technological background. In Portugal, GMV’s strategy in the space market is to identify and secure niche market satellite technology positions that are sustainable on a long term perspective. We look to provide lasting relationships with our customers, which now not only include European institutions but some of the main players in the Space market, in particular the large satellite integrators. 

 GMV has been providing high quality, innovative solutions for the Space market, in the areas of global navigation satellite systems and applications, guidance navigation and control, mission analysis, flight dynamics, satellite control centres, payload data segments, user segments and space applications, satellite communications, simulation, and on-board and embedded software. Web: