Frederik Belien

Frederik Belien

Frederik Belien 480 270 NEO MAPP
Institutional Affiliation:   

Frederik Belien is part of the architects group within the AOCS and GNC department at Airbus Defence and Space since 2013. During this period he is involved in small body mission GNC technology developments, most recently for autonomous and agile navigation techniques increasing the mobility of small body probes. Furthermore, he has detailed experience as AOCS analyst for BepiColombo mission performing the following activities: 

  • Dynamics analyses for module separations and slew maneuvers 
  • Development of the dynamical models of AOCS equipment 
  • Support the development of the User Manual, including support for DMS operations.
  • Definition and generation of S/C safety-critical data for AIT and flight

In the period before his work at Airbus, he has a background in the field of flight dynamics and filtering techniques related to GNC systems. 

Frederik will be responsible for the technology developments undertaken in WP8 “Cubesat/μLander technology enabling surface interaction” and for the orbit determination performance simulator module development contributed as a subtask of Task 7.1 “Orbit determination”.