Asteroid Foundation

The Asteroid Foundation with its huge experiences and network established by founding and subsequent growth of the Asteroid Day organization with global impact will be in charge of all the projects public outreach forefront activities including setup and management of social media channels (e.g. Twitter, Facebook) and a website for access by the public, providing relevant introductory and explanatory material, and updates on the progress of the project as appropriate and as agreed by all parties concerned. The website will make use of modern browser features for the inclusion of illustrative material such as animations and audio podcasts and will be regularly updated. 

General public relations activities, organized by the Asteroid Foundation, will include the design and provision of posters, printed brochures and flyers as appropriate; suggestions for, and organization of, events such as press conferences, public lectures, and competitions, to raise public awareness of the role played by small Solar-System bodies in the development of the Earth and the evolution of life. Existing connections to journalists will be maintained and exploited to achieve the widest and most accurate exposure of our work